R80 One or Two Man Scrum Sled

  • Scrum Sleds are a great tool for developing leg-drive, promoting correct body position and unit scrummaging skills .As used and endorsed by the Crusaders.

    1. Because of their reduced weight and size, they are also ideal for introducing younger players to the front-row environment.
    2. Gives coaching staff a platform for providing one-on-one technical coaching as poor technique can easily be spotted and corrected.

    Key features include: 

    1. Pads are made with heavy duty PVC covers and solid foam inners to reduce impact and limit recoil.
    2. Pads are attached with trailer latches that allow for easy removal and storage when not in use.
    3. Sled is supplied with 3 pads to accommodate 1 or 2 players and are easily adjustable to suit each situation.
    4. Angle of the pads can be adjusted to dictate higher or lower body position.
    5. Sled can be weighed down with a water filled drum or another player to increase load and resistance.Drum not included.
    6. Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand with galvanised steel.
    7. Only R80 Scrum Machines come with Free coaching Video Downloads.
    8. Bonus Free full set of 9 Crusaders Series Coaching DVDs Video Download. 200 minutes of quality drills to suit coaches and players from school age through to international level.
  • Dave Hewett

    Canterbury Rugby and Crusaders Scrum Coach “The development of correct scrummaging technique at a young age is vital, the R80 scrum machine and 1 or 2 player sled are perfect for this. As a scrum coach, even professional players need technique assistance. Using these machines allows me to get the most power from a forward pack while maintaining their safety. If an individual needs technical development the 1 or 2 player sled can be used, providing realistic game pressures for development without the risk of injury.”