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For serious fitness professionals and commercial gyms. Staggering maximum loading of 400lb or 180kg.

The sleek, compact design of the BOSU® Elite helps improve athletic speed, power, body mechanics and balance. Incorporates a higher density dome and targeted training area defined by a "Power Line" and "Power Zone" to establish optimal body mechanics while performing advanced athletic workouts. Available in 65cm and includes an air pump

  • High density dome for pressurized resistance
  • New power line & textured power zone for visual & tactile cueing
  • Reinforced base for platform side exercises
  • Durable, rugged dome for greater force production
  • New honeycomb grip
  • Intensifies strength and compression training
  • Develops explosive power during ballistic and agility exercises
  • Primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Creates stronger athletic positioning
  • Improves reflexive training
  • Reduces injury & improves flexibility
  • Unifies movements & body mechanics
  • Easier assimilation for first time users, active aging, and rehabilitation
  • Enhances foot strength and force production on the ground