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Custom Printed Tackle and Jackal Bags

These are custom made, please allow 3 weeks.

The price listed on this page is assuming this product is part of an order that includes other custom printed items. This is due to the print screen set up cost. Custom print is not available on single bag orders.

  • Square shape tackle bag with a cavity to place the ball for jackal practice.
  • Tackle the bag, quickly get to your feet, find the ball and tear it out.
  • Excellent for teaching quick post tackle skills.
  • Improve breakdown body position, balance and jackal skills.
  • Top handle allows coach, teammate or parent to walk and provide a realistic moving target. This is critical in developing contact timing.
  • Designed to absorb maximum impact to ensure player safety and comfort. Proudly NZ Made.
  • All bags are fitted with webbing handles at the top and bottom to allow easy handling to and from storage.
  • Design includes vent holes in the cover to reduce stress on the seams.


  • Junior Size 1.2m x 33cm x 33cm.
  • Senior Size 1.5m x 36cm x 36cm.