Skill-Tec Rugby Ball Kit

The ultimate training partner for rugby skill development!

  • No more running around the practice field after balls, the Skill-tec Rugby ball will always come back to you.
  • The system uses interchangeable flexible leads that returns the ball as if being passed or kicked by another person.
  • Quickly practice all rugby specific kicking, catching and passing skills anywhere anytime.
  • The ball will spiral naturally off the foot or hand due to the unique swivel attachment. This allows the ball to spin and react naturally.
  • Use the wrist strap for drills on the run or fix the ground swivel in place for kicking practice.

Kit includes:

  • Size 4 Rugby Ball with unique sewn in swivel.
  • Short Passing Lead – Black.
  • Utility Lead - Blue.
  • Kicking Lead – Green.
  • Wristband.
  • Three ground pegs.
  • One ground swivel.