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Strength Bag 2.5kg Weight Increment Top Up Gym Set

2.5kg weight increments set for facilities that already have the 5kg-35kg Strength Bag Set. Best-selling original New Zealand commercial quality design.

  • Weight increments of 5kg can be difficult for many exercises; this set allows for a 2.5kg overload increase as strength improves.
  • The 6 bags pack nicely around the XLR8 Rack for ease of storage.
  • New Zealand made from the highest quality materials not matched by imported copies.
  • The only multifunctional design that will withstand the rigors of commercial use. Proven commercial quality. Superior features, comfort, and functionality.
  • Bags are supplied ready for use filled with locally mined clean kiln dried foundry sand.
  • Buy once with an assured quality product.
  • Custom colours and logo print available.

1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 7.5kg 
1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 12.5kg
1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 17.5kg 
1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 22.5kg
1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 27.5kg
1 x XLR8 Strength Bag 32.5kg