Surge Riptide - R80 Rugby NZ

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Surge Riptide

The Surge Riptide is a more compact version of the Storm  offering the same efficient means of active, fluid resistance training. It is smaller in length and weight potential. Product Weight (fully filled with water) is 38 lbs (17kg).


The Surge Riptide’s 8.25" diameter is double that of the average PVC slosh pipe, but it’s also less than half the length, at just under 3'. This—along with a unique triple-handle design—makes it far easier to transport and maneuver.

The convenient, removable fill cap and measurement gauge allows athletes and coaches to quickly adjust and customize the device’s weight to meet every individual user’s needs.The advanced core training with the Surge offers over 50 innovative movement patterns that stimulate top-down instability the way it happens in life.
  • Diameter: 8.25"
  • Double horizontal and vertical handles for wide range of motion
  • Fill cap and gauge for precise adjustments of water weight
  • Includes owners manual and assembly instructions
  • 32 inches / 82cm long
  • 3 grip options
  • 5 colour options

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