TriggerPoint Grid STK X Foam Roller - R80 Rugby


TriggerPoint Grid STK X Foam Roller

The GRID STK® X Foam Roller, an extra-firm, multi-functional handheld massage tool, can be used seated or standing to roll, release, and relieve minor aches and pains. The AcuGRIP® handles allow user-controlled pressure for a comfortable massage, and can be used to anchor on tight spots for acupressure relief. 

The Grid STK “X” is a higher density version of TriggerPoint’s Grid STK Foam Roller. Like the standard hand-held STK, the X features an innovative 3-D exterior and two easy-grip handles to help athletes better simulate the experience of a real therapeutic massage across any targeted muscle group. The X may simply better serve those who prefer a firmer massaging tool to tackle hard-to-eliminate knots. 

Consistent foam rolling, or self myofascial release (SMR), before or after a workout can help relax overworked muscles, improve circulation, reduce joint pain, and get athletes back in the gym faster. As a portable, water-resistant roller that fits in any gym bag, the Grid STK X is a versatile mobility tool that can immediately benefit any athlete. 

For the same product with reduced firmness, see the standard 'Grid Stk' 


  • Higher density version of The Grid STK 
  • 3-D surface design 
  • 2 easy grip handles 
  • Can be used seated or standing 
  • 6cm (W) x 53cm (L)