Ki-o-Rahi - R80 Rugby NZ

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Ki-o-Rahi is very fast-paced game combining the skills of Tag Rugby, Rippa Rugby, Netball, Rugby, League, Touch and Handball.  Play as a contact tackle sport or with Rippa / Tag belts.  Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages and fast gaining in popularity.

Ki-o-Rahi Starter Set
Ki-o-Rahi Set
Ki-o-Rahi Deluxe Set
Ki-o-Rahi Indoor Starter Set
Ki-o-Rahi Indoor Set
Ki-o-Rahi Indoor Deluxe Set
Ki-o-Rahi Tupu Drum
Ki-o-Rahi Tupu Cover
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Pole Cover
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Indoor Pole Set
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Pole Set
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Flexi Pole Set
Ki-o-Rahi KÄ« Ball
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Pole
Ki-o-Rahi Nga Pou Indoor Pole
Ki-o-Rahi Tupu Foam Drum
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