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    Your post pads, hit shields, tackle bags, side-line dressing flags, and advertising wedges will last longer, perform better and help the environment. We offer a full recycling foam service for old an unwanted foam, we can even arrange pick up as our contribution to keeping our country clean and green.

    Ultra-Fresh foam technology maximises the integrity of the foam’s performance, minimising unwanted odours and bacterial growth, ensuring the durability and the longevity of the foam. 

    100% New Zealand Made, Owned and Operated Company

    Dunlop Foams is a division of The Comfort Group and is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. The Comfort Group is a family-owned business, originally founded in 1935 by Sydney Turner, and is Australasia’s largest bedding and foam manufacturer. Our manufacturing expertise, experience and knowledge has been passed down through 4 generations of Turners who’re every bit as committed to providing local jobs to Kiwis who are passionate about making the highest quality New Zealand made products.


    Sustainability Project Zero

    Investing in a sustainable future for all New Zealanders.

    In 2019 we launched Project Zero, our focus to minimise waste from our manufacturing processes and our products when they reach their useful end of life.

    Our goal: To produce products using more sustainable materials that can be recycled, reused or rebuilt when they’re no longer needed.

    Foams Plastic packaging moving to soft plastics made from 50% recycled plastic that can be recycled again once used.

    Trees That Count

    As part of Project Zero we are partnering with Trees That Count on several sustainable product initiatives. Trees That Count are a conservation charity who have been championing native tree planting since 1990. Their vision is to plant 200 million native trees across New Zealand.

    Since 2016 they have now planted 43,372,094 native trees.


    Why Ultra-Fresh is Dunlop Foams choice of Antimicrobial Treatment

    All Dunlop Foams products are proudly manufactured in New Zealand and are infused with Ultra-Fresh, a proven anti-microbial compound. Ultrafresh is the only product in market that controls the growth of Mould, Mildew and Bacteria, creating an inhospitable environment for dust mites to survive, which is a trigger for allergies and Asthma.

    Ultra-Fresh also assists in the integrity of the foam’s performance, minimising unwanted odours and bacterial growth, ensuring the durability and the longevity of the foam.

    Dunlop Foams has the exclusive partnership in Australasia to use Ultra-Fresh in its manufacturing of Foam products.



    There are many antimicrobial treatments on offer in the market, however, only Ultra-Fresh is a renowned global brand with scientific credntials that have been delivering antimicrobial treatments in a variety of products for over 60 years. Their vigorous testing methods ensures that the Dunlop Foams partnership has had the benefit of both Qualitative and Quantitative research spanning for over 25 years

    Proud Partners in Creating Healthier Environments.

    Dunlop Foams has the exclusive Ultra-Fresh partnership in Australasia. Dunlop Foams is committed as a partner of the National Asthma Council program.

    Soft Plastics Partnership

    The Comfort Group has joined the soft plastics recycling scheme and will be transitioning our plastic packaging for foam products into soft plastics during 2023. Soft plastic is made from 50% recycled plastic and is full recyclable once used and can be re-purposed into other products such as fence posts.

    Find out more about soft plastics recycling at:



    Recycled Environmentally Friendly Carpet Underlay

    We manufacture all of our foam in New Zealand for our bedding, flooring and industrial foam businesses. Foam off cuts within our business and other local businesses are utilised to produce our new Zero Eco underlay.

    Zero Eco Underlay is made from approximately 80% local foam scraps and can also be recycled at end of life into new underlay creating an ongoing sustainable, circular product solution. For every house lot of Eco Underlay purchased we will also plant a native tree through the Trees That Count program.

    Ohinewai Development Environmental Excellence

     A key driver of our future in Ohinewai is the commitment to improve water quality runoff and create a large wetland ecosystem to the east of the site. This land is naturally low lying and is very well suited to cleaning on site storm water and creating restored natural habitats.

    Environmental outcomes will be considered across the full project site, including private lots, public streets and across the open space network.

    Full reports have been completed on Archaeological, Geoscience, Geotech, Traffic and Landscaping, Flood Plan modelling, Stormwater, Wastewater, Acoustics, Economic, Cultural and Social Impacts.