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  • More About R80 Rugby Breakdown Training Packs

    Force Hook Hit Shields

    • Multi- purpose tackling and breakdown training. The unique curved / hook head design allows for powerful contact whilst keeping the holder protected.
    • A wide range of physical contact skills can be practiced at high-intensity.


    Cross Bar & Pole Sets

    • Highly effective body position training system.
    • Set the cross bar to control the body position height players enter breakdown and tackling drills.
    • Players dip from the hips under the bar before completing the breakdown activity.


    Half Tackle Bags

    • Size 780mm x 450mm. Weighs 28kg.
    • Great for tackling and clean out drills.
    • Designed for modern breakdown training focusing on very low contact point.




    Breakdown Balls 
    • Excellent for training a strong over the ball body position, grabbing and ball security strength when competing for those all important turnovers.
    • Weighted soft shell medicine ball perfect for strengthening core, wrist and arm strength specific to grabbing the ball at the breakdown.
    • Place the ball in at the end of a Half Tackle Bag to complete breakdown contact drills with ball grabbing.


    Weighted Body Mover Breakdown Bag 30kg 

    • Weighted bag apprx the size of a torso that replicates moving or tipping bodies out of the collision area to clear the ball quickly.
    • Place the torso bag for low punch clearance or higher for flip clearance.



    Strength Bands 

    • Portable resistance bands used to create resistance and develop core, strength, balance and clean out power.
    • Adding mini strength bands and loaded resistance to add dynamic and functional load to multiple drills.
    • From crawling to core strength, breakdown power, tackling, speed and even agility mini band and harness drills can't be beaten.

    Strength Band Connectors
    • Designed to safely attach mini bands together.
    • Joining bands allows for longer loading and crawling drills.
    • Training load can be controlled by joining bands of different strengths, connecting one or more bands.

    Strength Band Loading Straps

    • Allows coaches and trainers to control the amount of load and angle of resistance.
    • Apply the load from behind, front, side on or dynamic moving.
    • Develop core stability, body position and game specific power.


     Pure Power Trainers

    • The R80 Pure Power Trainer leads the way as the most popular rugby specific power, core stability, body position, scrum and breakdown training tool.
    • Two players wearing heavy duty power harnesses are connected back to back.
    • Both players get into scrum/ruck body positions and attempt to pull the other person backwards using forward driving power (keeping their backs parallel to the ground), strong core and ideal pushing technique.

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