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    Exclusive New Zealand Distributor

    • The Recoverite ice compressionware system combines the highest quality compression garment with the well established sports science practice of ice and heat application. The result is an anytime, anywhere, easy to use system designed for all athletes to easily self manage their own recovery. 
    • Manage your recovery properly by combining compression and icing with the one product!
    • The revolutionary Recoverite Ice Compressionware Tights are high quality compression tights that can be worn by themselves, but they have carefully positioned pockets for included gel packs that slide into the tights so you can ice up sore muscles with ease and not lose any mobility.
    • The gel packs can be heated to assist with muscle warm up on cold days.
    • Slip on the compression pants to train or compete and feel the compression technology drive more oxygen to your muscles.


    • Reduce exercise induced muscle damage after strenuous exercise
    • Perfect for athletes that have chronic hamstring soreness or calf soreness after exercise
    • Anatomically shaped 'Clay Flex' gel packs fit correctly to your body so you can continue to move around and the packs will contour around your skin
    • Reduce inflammation and swelling caused by exercise
    • Prevent soft tissue injuries by icing your large leg muscles immediately after training
    • Eight pockets so you can target sore areas (Thighs, Hamstrings, Calves, Shins)
    • Clay Flex gel packs can also be heated to assist with warm up on cold days
    • High quality compression tights can be worn simply as compression tights to give compression during training and after training.
    • Handy cooler satchel bag is included to keep ice packs cold during training or games so you can apply immediately after exercise.

    • 1 x MensFull Length Tights with eight gel pack pockets
    • 2 x Upper leg 'Clay Flex' Gel Packs
    • 2 x Lower leg 'Clay Flex' Gel Packs
    • 1 x Cooler Satchel bag