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    Strength Bands are a modern affordable conditioning tool. Light weight, portable and low cost. Use indoors or out to train functional strength, speed, agility power and core.

    This comprehensive conditioning pack will train a squad of up to 30 players.

    Pack Contents:

    • 10 x Level 2 Red Bands
    • 10 x Level 3 Blue Bands
    • 10 x Level 3 Green Bands
    • 15 x Band to Band Joiner
    • 15 x Band Resistors
    • 3 x XLR8 Nylon Storage Bags - One for each colour

    Storage bags also included. The bag will keep your bands clean, free from hanging wear and nicks, and away from UV light. Your bands will not only last longer and be clean for use you will know where they are :). 

    More About Mini Bands

    1m Bands are an ideal conditioning tool. Light weight, portable, safe, easy to use and low cost.

    Band training suits all levels and all fitness environments.

    The rubber overload means you can train everything from strength exercises to rehab, stretching speed and sports specific conditioning drills. Use indoor or out.

    Choose a band resistance that suits the exercise, drill or strength levels. Resistance levels in order are:

    1. Level 1 Purple 1.25cm Wide (Lightest Load)
    2. Level 2 Red 1.90cm Wide
    3. Level 3 Blue 2.9cm Wide
    4. Level 4 Green 3.3cm Wide
    5. Level 5 Black 6.3cm Wide (Heaviest Load)

    Two bands can be connected for loaded running, agility, jumping sports training drills.

    More About This Pack
    • Benefit from strength training and powerful partner drills targeting speed, breakdown cleaning, jumping and tackling power
    • The rubber overload means you can train everything from strength exercises to power, speed and rugby specific skill / conditioning drills.
    • Green and Blue bands drills a resistance load without affecting speed of movement for live functional training gains.
    • Drills are unlimited and include Resisted Sprinting, Plyometrics, Agility, Core Stability, Crawling, Prone Stability & Power Breakdown / Cleanout, Tackling Power.
    • Easy for coaches to work into training due to the simplicity of rubber resistance overload. The innovative red connectors can be used to join bands or apply resistance.
    • Red and Blue band drills for a focus on field based strength and conditioning. Have your team work in pairs completing strength and conditioning exercises.
    • Red and blue band resistance suits resisted push-ups, seated rows, shoulder press, upright row, curls, lunges, squats, good mornings and jump squats.
    • Two bands are recommended as most power and movement based drills work much better with two bands connected. Bands can be looped together or connected by a Strength Band Connector with Grip Strap.
    • Band training suits all levels.

    Use And Care

    • Examine bands for cuts, nicks, and abrasions before each use.
    • Do not stretch the band more than double its total length.
    • Prevent looping bands onto rough or grooved surfaces.
    • As the band is made of latex rubber, warm it up and gradually stretch it before heavy or fast stretch exercises.