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  • XLR8 High Low Wall Mounted 3 Bay Rig


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    This configuration allows for:

    • 2 Squat/Bench Station
    • 2 Climbing Rope Stations
    • 4 Pull Up Stations
    Rig pieces included in this purchase:

    Standard configuration depth is 1.2m using 1080mm cross beams.

    Deep configurations at 1900mm use a 1800mm cross beam. This set up offers more room for pull ups, band work, gym rings etc. Deeper bays will also give an option to store bumper plates against the wall. Key consideration is your space.

    Standard High Low Wall Rig Items

    • 2 x 2.7m uprights
    • 2 x 3.5m upright
    • 4 x 10800mm single cross beam pull-up bars
    • 1 x 1800mm single cross beam pull-up bars
    • 2 x 1080mm Rig Box Beam
    • 2 x J-hook pair

    Deep High Low Wall Rig Items

    • 2 x 2.7m uprights
    • 2 x 3.5m upright
    • 2 x 10800mm single cross beam pull-up bars
    • 3 x 1800mm single cross beam pull-up bars
    • 2 x 1800mm Rig Box Beam
    • 2 x J-hook pair
    Features and Specifications:
    • Commercial grade 75mm x 75mm x 3mm walled box steel uprights
    • 33mm diameter Pull Up Bars
    • Finished with an industrial grade black powder-coating­
    • Laser cut edges and holes.
    • Customisable with our sold-separately rig pieces and attachments.
    About XLR8 Rigs

    Standard configuration uses single steel support bars, if you wish to add maximum stability double cars are available.

    High Low rigs are designed with greater height to  allow for climbing ropes and gym rings. The high bar is 3500mm high.

    Wall Mounted Rigs keep the main floor free. Custom rigs like this can help you maximise the functional use of your floor space while delivering the same versatility as a free-standing model.

    Designed to transform your space and over-built to last, our XLR8 range of wall-mounted and freestanding rigs give you an all-in-one solution for pull-ups, muscle-ups, squats, rope climbs, ring work, and more.

    Mounted Rigs are ideal for training facilities that are aiming to keep the centre of their training space as open-flow as possible. Great space saving multi function workout base.

    Wall mounted cells are the same as the freestanding cells except that your gym wall replaces one side of the rig. Your building's layout will determine what piece you need, and where they will go.

    Like all of our rigs, Wall Mounted Rigs can be matched with other components for endless layout options and flexibility. The modular construction of all XLR8 Rigs gives you unparalleled flexibility to meet your training needs now and into the future.