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    New Zealand Manufacturing

    Fast delivery

    • No waiting 6 weeks or more, our large production capacity and material holdings ensures rapid delivery.

    Quality Assurance

    • New Zealand by our experienced machinists.
    • UV protected anti mildew bonded PVC covers.
    • Double stitched rot proof marine grade thread for long life in all conditions.
    • High tensile foam inner making it both comfortable to hit and offering maximum impact absorption.
    • Dunlop Ultra-Fresh foam technology maximises the integrity of the foam’s performance, minimising unwanted odours and bacterial growth, insuring the durability and the longevity of the foam.

    Sustainability Focus

    • We offer a full recycling foam service for old an unwanted foam, we can even arrange pick up of your old unwanted gear as our contribution to keeping our country clean and green.

    More about our quality manufacturing

    Customised Rugby Safety Tackle Mats

    Please note red is the R80 stock colour available for immediate delivery.

    We can make your tackle mats in custom club, team or school colours if you prefer.

    Please mention your preferred colour in the quote/order comments box.

    Please allow 2 weeks for this service.


    Tackle Mat size designed for rugby and league players aged 12-16 yrs.

    Youth Rugby Tackle Safety Mat Dimensions

    • 1.80m Long
    • 1.80mm Wide 
    • 20cm Thick Foam

    Folds in half for ease of storage and transport or to create a 40cm thick mat.

    More Benefits Of Using Youth Rugby Tackle Safety Mats 

    • Reduce impact and train with real game intensity when practising, tackling, defensive patterns and wrestling.
    • Must have for all teams to reduce collision injuries in live training. Designed to absorb maximum impact to ensure player safety and comfort.
    • Allows coaches to push tacklers to hit at game intensity without fear of injury. This also keeps players fresher as reduces recovery time from hard contact work.
    • Allows coaches teach good contact technique without fear of injury for the tackler or ball carrier.
    • Players can practice at higher speed and intensity knowing they wont get hurt falling onto hard ground over and over. 
    • Players will also complete more tackle contact drill repetitions which speeds up the skill development.
    • Where growth rates and player size varies so greatly the little players can tackle the big players with safety and build confidence.