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  • 390 Speed for Sport Video Library


    Our full library of popular training DVDs offers an amazing selection of drills together in one online set.
    • You need to be an expert to teach speed and agility!
    • This library set includes all the training information you need to run effective fun, safe (and tough!) sessions.
    • Unlike other books and DVDs on the market this resource is written by leading New Zealand fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to International level.
    • Over 3 hours of instruction from 8 DVDs.
    • Arm yourself with knowledge and hundreds of drills for all levels from children through to elite sportspeople.
    • $120 of value at a discounted set price of $39.00.

    Titles Include:

    Resisted Sprinting Training

    Reactive Speed Training

    Weighted Vest Training

    Hurdle Training Drills

    Agility Poles Drills

    Multi-Coloured Ladder Drills

    Quickness and Agility For Sport DVD – Vol 1

    Quickness and Agility For Sport DVD – Vol 2