ACME Tornado 200 Whistle - R80 Rugby NZ

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ACME Tornado 200 Whistle

The worlds loudest whistle. The extra high frequency of the Tornado 2000 hits heights not reached by any other whistle. This high-pitch gives greater penetration creating a crescendo of sound that cuts through even the greatest crowd noise.

The Acme Tornado 2000 Whistle has two high pitch frequencies for loudness close to the whistle and a lower pitch for distance to sound simultaneously.

Great for referees. This whistle is especially good in big stadiums or anywhere that real power is required in noisy areas.

Referee whistles as used in FIFA Internationals, F.A. and Champions League Matches FIMBRA and FINA matches.


  • Unaffected by water.
  • Pealess.
  • Blow Tone: 4700Hz.
  • Excellent for indoor and water sports.
  • 4.5cm long.
  • Weight 5g.
  • Approved for referees, lifeguards and basketball.
  • Colours may vary.