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    Bring the best functional medicine ball training and exercise options to your facility.

    Rubber Bouncing Medicine Balls and Slam Balls covering a 2kg to 30kg weight range packed with a sleek commercial double  storage rack.

    Set includes:

    • 1 x 2kg XLR8 Rubber Medicine Ball
    • 1 x 3kg XLR8 Rubber Medicine Ball
    • 1 x 4kg XLR8 Rubber Medicine Ball
    • 1 x 5kg XLR8 Rubber Medicine Ball
    • 1 x 6kg XLR8 Rubber Medicine Ball
    • 1 x 9kg XLR8 Dura Grip Black Slam Ball
    • 1 x 12kg XLR8 Dura Grip Black Slam Ball
    • 1 x 15kg XLR8 Dura Grip Black Slam Ball
    • 1 x 20kg XLR8 Dura Grip Black Slam Ball
    • 1 x 30kg XLR8 Dura Grip Black Slam Ball
    • 1 x heavy duty double Storage Rack
    About XLR8 Slam Balls

    This premium slam ball is the ideal functional training and conditioning tool for gyms, sports facilities, boot camps, CrossFit boxes, and PT  studios.

    • Crafted from heavy-duty rubber, this ball is designed to endure extreme impact.
    • The rough-textured surface allows superior grip even when wet.
    • The ball is filled with iron ore sand to provide for fluid motion and instability.
    • Often referred to as ‘dead balls’, slam balls wont bounce or roll away, and are softer on fingers and hands.
    • Each ball is also equipped with an air valve, which can be used to  adjust air pressure and firmness, as well as to soften impacts.

    Please note use and care:

    • Always warm up heavy balls before use. Over time, cold sand in the  Slam Balls can settle and become hard. Slamming a compacted/cold ball  can cause valve damage.
    • Rolling them on the ground until the sand feels fluid and the ball feels warm is the best way to do this.
    • Heavy weight balls also require frequent inflation to avoid pressure on the valve and maintain a round soft shape and feel.
    About XLR8 Bouncing Medicine Balls

    High quality industrial strength Medicine Ball. A staple in gyms and fitness studios around the globe

    • Made from superior blend of rubber with a hollow construction allowing the balls to bounce.
    • These balls stay round as the weight is in the shell wall.
    • Excellent dimple textured grip for comfortable feel during workouts.
    • Attractive range of colours assists with weight selection.
    • As seen in hundreds of commercial gyms and schools since 2005.
    • Available in a range of weights from 2kg-10kg.