Defensive Line Belts - R80 Rugby NZ


Defensive Line Belts

Excellent tool for all levels targeting line speed, defensive alignment and working as a unit.

  • Two belts with 2.5m long attaching leads hold connect players together at spacing the coach requires.
  • Players must work as a unit with line speed focusing on alignment and width between players.
  • If players get too far apart, run up and different speeds or are out of alignment holes in the defensive line.
  • Players must keep the belts intact during defensive drills, if they do not hold good formation and get too far apart from each other the belts with break apart at the velcro joins.
  • An excellent teaching tool for all levels but of particular use for young backline players learning defensive alignment.
  • This set includes two belts and connecting straps, this connects two players.
  • For more players additional sets will be required.
  • Velcro attachments allow length between players to be moved and set to suit.
  • Suits union, league or touch.