Five-layer Soft Plyobox Set - R80 Rugby NZ

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Five-layer Soft Plyobox Set

Set Includes 5 heights: 7.5, 15, 30, 45 and 60cm Soft Plyo Boxes

  • Reduces any risk to shins being scraped or stumbling during tough box workouts.
  • Super dense yet comfortable and stable EVA foam.
  • Heavy duty PVC outers with Velcro fixing for safe and secure stacking.
  • Easy to take apart and move around the gym.
  • Jumps, box squats or step ups for conditioning. Jump over for power training.
  • Platforms are excellent for high volume throwing accuracy practice without
    the need for lifters.
  • Use the platform for a player or coach to stand on. This elevates the catcher to lifting height for realistic hooker throwing.