Grip TecSport Grip Instant Spray 200ml - R80 Rugby NZ


Grip TecSport Grip Instant Spray 200ml

GripTec Rugby Handgrip is specially formulated for use on the rugby field.
  •  Developed and Made in New Zealand. 
  • As used by Professional rugby players around the world including the AB's, Warriors and Super rugby teams 
  • A unique formulation repels water, prevents perspiration and leaves a tacky grit residue allowing for maximum friction in wet or dewy conditions. 
  • Excellent in wet and dry conditions. 
  • Grip Tec does NOT impede you when passing the ball, it works as a grip on your hands, not a glue on the ball. 
  • The extra grip helps you to get more whip and spin on your passes, wet or dry.