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Guide to Building a Team Profile eBook

Take your coaching to a new level by learning how to bridge the gap between the game your team can play now….and the game you want them to play.

  • Based on the core principles of play this eBook breaks down key parts of the game with established outcomes and team performance measures for each.
  • The team profile template allows you to establish and record the teams’ strengths and weaknesses. This focuses your time on delivering specific training sessions as you progress towards your ultimate team playing style.
  • Simple templates are included along with examples for an easy to follow coaching tool.
  • You may spend up to three years with your team players so profiling will allow you to record information and build a better team each season.
  • 20 Page A4 Book.
  • Download right after purchase, save the PDF or print A4 pages if you prefer paper.

About the author

Ray Southam is a highly respected New Zealand rugby authority.

A former Director of Coaching for The Canterbury Rugby Union and Director of Rugby Development for the Irish Rugby Football Union he has put in place playing, coaching and administrative structures across the whole of Irish Rugby that are still utilised today. He has coached at two Rugby World Cups, both sevens and fifteens and established long term player development models, National coach accreditation pathways and administrative templates and structures for National bodies.