Ironback Iron Wheel - R80 Rugby NZ

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Ironback Iron Wheel

Designed by international prop Owen Franks and elite coach Jason Ryan. Proudly available only through R80.



     The Iron Wheel allows forwards to develop crucial core strength for scrummaging.

    • Differs from other ab wheels as it focuses on core development and stability, specifically for scrummaging.
    • It is easy to use on your own, or partner up with a teammate to pack down against, to create a more game-like environment.
    • Designed with ease of travel in mind, it is easy to dismantle and has quality features such, as scrum accurate handles and a wide grip.
    • The solid rubber wheel has been chosen for its versatility indoor and outdoor, and so that no pump is needed.
    • The Iron Wheel is perfect machine for athletes looking to go above and beyond with their player development, and core training.
    • New Zealand made.
    • As used by the pros.
    • More about Ironback.