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    Revolutionary re-usable lineout lifting blocks, tailored to fit every player. Scientifically proven to increase overall lineout quality.

    • Lifting Giants are shaped to fit the lifter’s hands in a natural position for applying upward force. Their specific  profile and depth ensures maximum surface contact throughout the lift,  giving increased stability and extension.
    • Lifting Giants are contoured to the jumper’s thigh,  improving fit and comfort. Increasing the surface contact by 35% helps  keep the support in place throughout every match and training session.
    About Rugby Lifting Giants


    Proven to last for 100+ uses with EAB tape, delivering on the needs of the player game after game.


    Strength tested to ensure they withstand the contact and forces of every lift.

    Bacterial Resistant

    Made from anti-microbial material, helping to keep them fresh and odour-free.


    Easy to clean and maintain with soap and a damp cloth.


    We’ve taken research to new heights, delivering on  the needs of the jumper and the lifter to create a modern solution.  Undertaking an ergonomic study, we used the hand profiles and MCP joint  depths of 110 lineout lifters to form a product that takes rugby lineout lifting blocks into a new era.

    Unlike other lineout lifting solutions, Lifting Giants have been  developed using anthropometric and ergonomic data. We collaborated with  professional and grassroot rugby players to inform the product’s design  and deliver optimum performance.

    These results have been taken from the Independent Performance Testing Report provided by The University of Glasgow.

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