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Pure Power Trainer Pro Squad Training Pack

  • This new squad pack allows coaches or trainers to run team or forward pack training sessions with 6-10 players.
  • Then R80 Pure Power Trainer leads the way as the industries most popular rugby specific power, core stability, body position, scrum and breakdown training tool.
  • The new Pro System takes this rugby specific conditioning to a new level by adding mini strength bands and loaded resistance to add dynamic and functional load to multiple drills.
  • From crawling to core strength, breakdown power, tackling, speed and even agility mini band and harness drills can't be beaten.
Pro Pack Includes

2 x Pure Power Trainer Sets

  • Four harnesses & connecting leads for 1 on 1 gut-busting power & core strength.

    4 x Blue 4 x Green Strength Bands

    • Functional overload, power development. Attach to the harness for crawling, power steps, loaded breakdown,speed and contact drills.

    8 x Strength Band Joiner

    • Safely attach mini bands to the harnesses or band to band.
    • Ensures a long life for your bands as tying them together causes perishing and in time breakage of the rubber.

    4 x Power Resistance Handles 

    • Connects to the Harness and Strength Bands for the coach to control resistance load from multiple angles. Work on power, core, scrummaging and breakdown loading with these heavy duty handles.

    Carry Bag