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Pure Power Trainer Pro System

Our best selling power training tool has just got better!

  • Then R80 Pure Power Trainer leads the way as the industries most popular rugby specific power, core stability, body position, scrum and breakdown training tool.
  • The new Pro System takes this rugby specific conditioning to a new level by adding mini strength bands which add dynamic and functional load to multiple drills.
  • From crawling to core, breakdown power, tackling, speed and even agility mini band and harness drills can't be beaten.
Pro System Includes:
  • 1 x Pure Power Trainer Set – Two harnesses & connecting leads for 1 on 1 gut-busting power & core strength.
  • 1 x Blue, 1 x Red Strength Band – Functional overload, power development. Attach to the harness for speed, crawling, power steps, loaded breakdown and contact drills.
  • 2 x Strength Band Connectors – Connects Strength Bands to the Harness. Connects together for longer drills.
  • 1 x Power Resistance Handles - Connects the harness to the coach for controlled resistance from multiple angles. Work on power, core, scrummaging and breakdown loading with these heavy duty handles.
  • 1 x Strength Band Loading Strap – Hooks around mini bands allowing coaches to safely apply load to band resistance drills.