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Quickness and Agility For Sport Set Online Video

Oldie but very much a goodie. Best selling DVD set with literally thousands of copies sold Worldwide over many years. You don’t have to be a track coach to teach sports speed!

See our boss and founder in action with a group of senior school students with world class teaching.

  • All you need to know to develop speed and agility for any sport.
  • A combined massive 70 drills and 80 minutes of hands of detailed drill instruction and progressions.
  • Drills are demonstrated in both group training and individual situations with clear audio, still frames, slow motion and bullet point graphics.
Content Includes

Volume 1

    Chapter 1 - Speed Mechanics Speed flexible warm up drills. 
    Chapter 2 - Footspeed and Agility drills withSpeed Ladders.
    Chapter 3 - Leg speed, stride length, lateral speed with Mini Hurdles.

    Volume 2

    Chapter 1 - Resisted sprinting acceleration with Speed Resistors.
    Chapter 2 - One on one agility drills with Evasion Belts.
    Chapter 3 - Hand eye coordination, reactions, agility, footwork with Reactive Balls.
    Chapter 4 - Cone Based Quickness and agility fun relay drills.