R80 Aerial Support- Lifting Blocks - R80 Rugby


R80 Aerial Support- Lifting Blocks

Thousands sold worldwide since 2002. The original kiwi design and quality demanded by New Zealand Super, international and professional teams worldwide.

  • The comfortable design consists of heavy-duty neoprene housing a rubber lifting block.
  • The front support lifter simply grips the blocks to gain leverage for a more effective lift and hang time.
  • Easy on-off use saves time and money as there is no need to us expensive strapping tape for training drills.
  • Four sizes to cater for all levels.
  • Be aware of cheap copies that don’t last.

 Why Aerial Supports?

  • Comfort - The padded elastic design conforms perfectly to your leg shape for added comfort and ease of use. There is no risk of taping your legs to tightly or restricting running.
  • Higher More Stable Lift - Successful line-out play is made up of three key components; the throw, the timing of the jump and the support of the jumper.
  • Aerial Supports™ allow players a more effective lift and more hang-time. This will contribute to a more effective line-out.
  • Cost Saver - Get better results and save money by eliminating the need to buy expensive rolls of strapping tape.
  • Aerial Supports™ are extremely durable, washable and designed to be used over and over again as a permanent piece of your training kit.
  • Greater Safety - Aerial Supports™ provide players with a more secure lift which will reduce the chance of injury in line-outs and at kickoffs.
    Improved Lifting Technique- Aerial Supports™ teach front support players better technique.
  • Small Code RT22S recommended for age grade players.
  • Medium Code RT22M recommended for senior players.
  • Large Code RT22L recommended for players over 105kg.
  • X Large Code RT22XL recommended for players over 120kg.