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R80 Junior Tackle Bags

Suits first time tackle grades through to age 10.

  • A ball can be secured on top of the bag to teach ball targeting drills post tackle.
  • Top handle allows coach, teammate or parent to walk and provide a realistic moving target. This is critical in developing contact timing.
  • Designed to absorb maximum impact to ensure player safety and comfort. Proudly NZ Made.
  • Design includes vent holes in the cover to reduce stress on the seams.
  • Available in red or custom club colours.
  • Junior Half size 780mm x 300mm.New design shorter bag is perfect for teaching young players great low body position for both tackling and at the breakdown.
  • Junior Traditional size 1200mm x 300mm.

Only R80 Tackle Bags come with 2 Free Coaching Video Downloads. 

  • Bonus Free Contact & Continuity DVD Video Download.
  • Bonus Free Creating Turnovers DVD Video Download
  • Buy 6 or more and enjoy Free a full set of 9 Coaching DVDs Video Download. 200 minutes of quality drills to suit coaches and players from school age through to international level.