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R80 One or Two Man Scrum Sled

Scrum Sleds are a great tool for developing leg-drive, promoting correct body position and unit scrummaging skills . As used and endorsed by the Crusaders.

  • Because of their reduced weight and size, they are also ideal for introducing younger players to the front-row environment.
  • Gives coaching staff a platform for providing one-on-one technical coaching as poor technique can easily be spotted and corrected.

    Key Features

    • Pads are made with heavy duty PVC covers and solid foam inners to reduce impact and limit recoil.
    • Pads are attached with trailer latches that allow for easy removal and storage when not in use.
    • Sled is supplied with 3 pads to accommodate 1 or 2 players and are easily adjustable to suit each situation.
    • Angle of the pads can be adjusted to dictate higher or lower body position.
    • Sled can be weighed down with a water filled drum or another player to increase load and resistance. Drum not included.
    • Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand with galvanised steel.