R80 Protective Headgear - R80 Rugby


R80 Protective Headgear

World Rugby Quality Approved high quality protection.

  • High quality headgear with excellent protection suits all ages and playing levels.
  • Super lightweight foam rubber compound for superior comfort and fit. 
  • Maximum ventilation to avoid heat build up. 
  • Moulded ear padding with vents for improved hearing. 
  • Lace closure system ensures comfortable fit. 
  • Patented DE technology foam 
  • Ultra light and double impact absorption. 
  • Micro Cellular cell structure. 
  • 18% Spandex lycra fabric for best 3D mould results. 
  • Thermofused Breathable Fabric. 
  • Two Piece construction for best fitting. 
  • Velcro closure chin strap.