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R80 Pure Power Trainer

  • Best selling original design with rugby power in mind.
  • Designed and manufactured here in Christchurch New Zealand.
  • The R80 Pure Power Trainer leads the way as the most popular rugby specific power, core stability, body position, scrum and breakdown training tool.
  • Two players wearing heavy duty power harnesses are connected back to back.
  • Both players get into scrum/ruck body positions and attempt to pull the other person backwards using forward driving power (keeping their backs parallel to the ground), strong core and ideal pushing technique.
  • Excellent for developing optimal biomechanics for all positions in the scrum and fast and effective ruck clear out.
  • Safe and easy to use, suits all levels and abilities. Harness fits all sizes.
  • Includes 2 x Pure Power Multi Harness, 2 x connectors with easy attachment.
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