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    New and Improved V2 model with Godzilla Harness with all steel componentry and 50mm steel snap hooks. As used by New Zealand's top teams.

    The R80 Pure Power Trainer V2 leads the way as the most popular rugby specific power, core stability, strength, body position, scrum and breakdown training tool.

    • Two players wearing heavy duty power harnesses are connected back to back.
    • Both players get into scrum/ruck body positions and attempt to pull the other person backwards using forward driving power (keeping their backs parallel to the ground), strong core and ideal pushing technique.
    • Excellent for developing optimal biomechanics for all positions in the scrum and fast and effective ruck clear out.
    • Safe and easy to use, suits all levels and abilities. Harness fits all sizes.
    • Includes 2 x Godzilla Multi Harness, 1 x  Godzilla connecting attachment, Carry Bag.
    Godzilla Harness Specifications
    • Six Steel D rings - no plastic components.
    • 75mm wide padded straps.
    • Triple stitching and reinforced edging.
    • Padded sheath over the chest straps for comfort under heavy load.
    • Full foam padded back plate for strength and comfort.
    • D rings front and back for towing or pulling.
    • One size fits all.
    • 1 year warranty. 100% Satisfaction.

    Designed to meet the size and power needs of athletes and rugby players.
    Comfortable fit to ensure even torso load and snug fit for large athletes under heavy power loading.

      See in Action

      Note the new V2 model has a new and improved harness. The harness shown in the videos is not current but the drills are identical.