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    Our two most popular and effective skill development tools packaged up in value set with carry bag and marker cones.

    • Guaranteed to rapidly improve passing, catching and throwing skills. 
    • Suits all positions.
    • Select Junior or Adult sets. The junior set includes a size 4 weighted ball, this suits players U13. The adult set includes the size 5 ball.

    Set Includes:

    • 1 x Recoil Ball
    • 1 x Weighted Ball
    • 1 x Carry bag
    • 1 x Set of Cones

    More About Recoil Balls

    Best selling 1.1kg weighted rugby ball perfect for rugby specific strengthening of key passing and throwing skills.

    • Halfbacks - improve passing speed, distance and accuracy.
    • Hookers - improve lineout throwing distance and accuracy.
    • All positions - improve passing distance and accuracy.
    • The ball has excellent grip, a seam valve and ultra rebound bladder for excellent flight characteristics and air retention.
    • Suitable for all levels from children through to professional level.

    More About Weighted Balls

    Passing accuracy and catching practice, anywhere there is a wall!

    • The original patented design. High quality material, hand stitched and superior accurate rebound.
    • The image next to size 5 rugby ball shows perfect size and shape unlike low quality copies out there.
    • Rugby ball with a flattened end that rebounds back to you when passed or thrown against a wall.
    • Excellent practice tool for all players to develop passing speed, accuracy, fast hands catching and throwing skills.
    • Practice alone, unsupervised, anytime, anywhere and complete hundreds of passes or throws in a short time.
    • Easily monitor accuracy by marking wall target zones for halfbacks & hookers to repetitively aim at.
    • Fantastic for a warm up tool.
    • Great fun and serious training for all levels from children to professional players.