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R80 Tackle Tube

  • A moving target to improve tackling technique with total safety. Roll the tube at speeds and angles to suit all levels for dynamic tackling practice.
  • Realistic – Players must accurately judge distance, speed, impact and timing when tackling a moving object.
  • Better Technique –Players must get low, keep their head up, back straight, eyes on the target and wrap the arms in contact with the head correctly positioned.
  • Agility and Fitness Bonus – Chasing a moving target adds footwork, agility, reactions and speed to the training mix, making for game style intensity.
  • Target all tackles – Front on, side on, behind.
  • Fun and Safe – Players and coaches of all ages will enjoy dynamic tackling practice. Control the speed to suit the players age and ability, start with slow speeds and progress to realistic running speeds as skills improve.
  • Safe Construction– Constructed of an inflatable tube and heavy-duty flexible PVC cover. Easily inflated for training and deflated for storage and transport.
  • Small - ages 5-10.
  • Senior - age 11 and up.
  • Stock colour is Red.
  • As a NZ manufacturer R80 can customise your tubes to match club or school colours.
  • Minimum order of 4or more is required for custom colours.  
  • Please include colours in the check out/quote comment box.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for custom made.
  • Note custom coulours does not include print. For custom printing please request a quote.