R80 Junior Rippa Game On Team Sets - R80 Rugby


R80 Junior Rippa Game On Team Sets

Enjoy team play at a whole new level with Rippa Game On Team Sets.  Everything you need for games between 20 players.

Plus, no need for separate jerseys - everyone can feel part of the same team with included matching bibs. Players have much more fun and feel their "team" when all in the same colour bib.

Choose from 10 team colour combinations, 4 bibs sizes and junior or adult size belts.
For littles aged 4-10, our junior belts are 115cm and fit all shapes & sizes.

For intermediates, we recommend the larger 145cm adult set belts. Don't worry if you order and the sizes are not quite right, we will replace/swap bibs and belts to make sure your kids are in the right size.

Please select set colour, bib size, and belt size below.

Set Contents

  • 20 x Belts -  Heavy duty 50mm webbing and quality velcro 100% tag stick
  • 40 Flags. Choose 2 colours for your teams.
  • 20 Bibs . Choose 2 colours for your teams.
  • Carry Bag for each colour so they don't get mixed up.
  • 10 x Marker Cones
  • 1 x Whistle
  • R80 kit bag
  • 1 x R80 Rugby Ball Size 2.5 (please contact our team if you wish to use a larger size ball or a league ball)
  • *Note carry bag colour may vary


Note: The Rugby Ball Size 2.5 is the official New Zealand Rugby Football Union size and weight for Rippa ages 4-7. If you prefer a larger ball, or a league ball please include this in the order or quote comments.