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Rippa Rugby Game Set

Everything you need to practice and play Rippa Rugby with 2 teams and up to 20 players.

  • Child-friendly 50mm wide belts with easy to use loop fasteners.
  • Designed with double sided Velcro to fit all shapes and sizes.
  • Rippa Tags are made from heavy-duty webbing material to minimise curling and offer a stable target for defending players.

Set includes:

  • 20 x Belts
  • 40 Flags. Choose 2 colours for your teams.
  • Carry Bag for each colour so they don't get mixed up.
  • 10 x Marker Cones
  • 1 x Whistle
  • 1 x R80 Rugby Ball Size 2.5. Official New Zealand Rugby Football Union size and weight for players under 6 & 7. 

Only R80 Rippa Sets come with 2 Free Coaching ebooks.

  • Bonus Free R80 Junior Ball Skill Drills & Games eBook.
  • Bonus Free Mini Pre Tackle Grades eBook for 5-7 Year Olds .