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Speed Training for Rugby eBook

Complete speed and agility guide stacked full of drills and session plans guaranteed to develop speed, agility and quickness for rugby.  Written for both coaches and players. 

  • Unlike other books this resource is written by leading New Zealand fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to International level.
  • Train for an entire pre-season, or pick drills and speed training session to suit any stage of the year.
  • Suits all levels. Each chapter explains drills clearly and simply showing beginner, intermediate and advanced work outs. 
  • Full colour A4, 80 pages, 9 chapters, over 75 drills. Quality imagery and graphics for clear instruction.
  • Prepared sessions for quick and easy set up.
  • Workout tables with drills, reps, sets, rest periods and guidelines to suit all levels.
  • Session and season planning.
Chapters Includes:
  • Footwork / Footspeed
  • Speed Mechanics / Technique
  • Resisted Sprinting and Acceleration
  • Evasion & Agility
  • Reactive Speed
  • Lateral Speed
  • Cone Agility Drills
  • Session and Season Planning
  • Planning