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R80 Tackle and Jackal Bag

Square shape tackle bag with a cavity to place the ball for jackal practice.

  • Tackle the bag, quickly get to your feet, find the ball and tear it out.
  • Excellent for teaching quick post tackle skills.
  • Improve breakdown body position, balance and jackal skills.
  • Top handle allows coach, teammate or parent to walk and provide a realistic moving target. This is critical in developing contact timing.
  • Designed to absorb maximum impact to ensure player safety and comfort. Proudly NZ Made.
  • All bags are fitted with webbing handles at the top and bottom to allow easy handling to and from storage.
  • Design includes vent holes in the cover to reduce stress on the seams.
  • Please choose a colour. Stock colour is red, allow 3 weeks for delivery if not choosing red.


  • Junior Size 1.2m x 33cm x 33cm.
  • Senior Size 1.5m x 36cm x 36cm.