Strength Bag Inner Weights - R80 Rugby NZ

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Strength Bag Inner Weights

Industrial welded heavy duty PVC Inner Weight. Our inner weights are another kiwi innovation from our design team. No leaks, sleek design, rigorously tested, maintains a tube shape.

  • Unlike imported copies you won’t need to buy new bags if the inner weight bag fails and starts leaking sand.
  • Kiln dried silica sand locally mined in Canterbury. The sand is clean, dry, free of debris, bacteria and other toxins potentially found in imported items.
  • Solid feel making it easier to handle and offer many more exercise options.
  • Unlike saggy sand bags our bags are easy to lift, throw, catch, jump over, do push ups and stack.
    Easy to remove and insert.
  • You do not buy these with new bags. They are to replace old worn inners. The inners will not last forever and the life will depend on use and care. The good news when they wear out you can replace them quickly and easily… low cost!