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XLR8 Battle Ropes

Superior quality gut busting Battling Ropes.
  •  The latest trend in functional strength and anaerobic training. 
  • Full body workout indoors or out. 
  • Simply wrap the rope around a fixed point and rip the rope up and down and side to side. 
  • Constructed of black sisal polyrope. 
  • Sisal is attractive, hygienic and clean. Unlike manila rope sisal does not fray and leave a mess in the gym. 
  • Rubber end grips to prevent fraying and ensure a comfortable grip.
  • Fix the rope around Posts, Anchors, Kettle Bells or Strength Bags. Two sizes to choose from. 
  • 1.5 inch diameter,15m long, weight 12.8kg. 
  • 2 inch diameter,10m long, weight 14kg.