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XLR8 Team Agility Cross Ladder

Another item from the XLR8 R and D.

  • This large cross ladder is constructed of 4×4m coloured Ladders forming a giant cross pattern ideal for teams or groups.
  • Train up to 40 people in an 8m square area, add balls, cones to test the skills even further.
  • Quite simply the only ladder offering all the benefits of footspeed, with the added benefit of agility based fitness and conditioning in a fun training environment.
  • The colour combinations open up hundreds of new drills guaranteed to challenge and excite all levels. Coaches and teachers can gain particular benefit from the endless fitness and relay training colour options that only this ladder can offer.
Ladders are supplied with a Free programme for the most effective training.
  • Bonus Free Ladder Drills Video Download.
  • Bonus Free Ladder speed drills ebook.