XLR8 Multi-Coloured Fastfoot Ladder - R80 Rugby NZ

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XLR8 Multi-Coloured Fastfoot Ladder

Designed in house here in New Zealand 10 years ago. By far our most popular speed and agility tool with thousands sold world wide. The original and still the best, dont buy a cheap copy.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of standard ladders with so much more.
  • The 4 × 2m (7ft) coloured ladders can be set up in endless formations guaranteed to take your agility training to another level.
  • Quickly connect colours to create longer 4m, 6m or 8m ladder formations.
  • The colour sections offer hundreds of new variations to your footspeed training sessions.
  • By changing the foot pattern as you reach a new colour you can add visual responses, command interpretation, recall, precision and more fun to your fitness and agility sessions.
  • Set up a cross training agility formation to target high speed agility and direction change.
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      Only XLR8 Ladders are supplied with Free instruction for the most effective training

      Multi Coloured Ladder Drills e-Booklet

      Multi Coloured Ladder Online Video

      • See how to get the most out of the latest, most versatile, fun and popular multi-coloured agility ladder.
      • Featuring 67 drills totally unique to this training system.
      • Quickly see why this training aid has been so rapidly embraced by all levels of fitness, sport and physical education.
      • Video drills written and produced by the New Zealand professional trainer who designed the original coloured ladder.
      • With thousands in use world-wide this video is guaranteed to add value to your training knowledge.
      • Running time 25 minutes.
      • Suits all ages and fitness levels.

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