XLR8 Pro Power Speed Resistor - R80 Rugby NZ

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XLR8 Pro Power Speed Resistor

Comfort and high powered Resisted Sprinting.

  • Designed to meet the size and power needs of the larger or stronger athlete.
  • Comfortable fit and extra chest straps to ensure even torso load and snug fit for large athletes under heavy loading.
  • Padded straps.
  • Four adjustable loop locks to get the perfect fit for all sizes.
  • One size adjusts to fits all.
     Only XLR8 Resistors are supplied with Free instruction for the most effective training

    Resisted Sprinting Online Video

    All you need to safely and effectively integrate resisted sprinting drills into your sports training and conditioning programmes. The video access will be delivered via a link.

    • 21 Drills. Running time 11 minutes. 
    • Written, filmed, edited and produced in New Zealand with expert professionals.

    Content Includes:

    • Set up.
    • Technique, repetitions, sets and rest periods.
    • Running distances.
    • Beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions.
    • Sample training sessions to follow.

    Power Speed Resistor e-Booklet