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XLR8 Strength Band Mini - Red

Red size band has a greater resistance level than purple. 1m long x 1.90cm wide x 5mm thick. 

  • Tested by athletes and commercial gyms the XLR8 bands are industry leading quality.
  • Strength Bands are an ideal fitness and conditioning tool. Light weight, portable and low cost.
  • The rubber overload means you can train everything from strength exercises to power, speed and specific skill / conditioning drills. 
  • Great for outdoor group field training. All age general strength exercises and resistance running for juniors. 
  • From resisted push-ups, seated rows, shoulder press, upright row, curls, lunges, assisted chin ups and jump squats. 
  • Band training suits all levels. 
  • Resistance load is determined by exercise and stretch. As a general guide 4.5kg to 22kg for this size.
Strength Band Sizes

Note all bands are 1m loop length and 5mm thick. The resistance is increased through the width of the rubber. Wider band = greater load. 

Choose a band resistance that suits the exercise, drill or strength levels. Resistance levels in order are:

  • Purple 1.25cm Wide (Lightest Load) 
  • Red     1.90cm Wide
  • Blue     2.9cm Wide
  • Green  3.3cm Wide
  • Black   6.3cm Wide  (Heaviest Load)