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    Ideal solution for those that don't have room to sacrifice within their Studio or home. Fully functional squat rack/Pull up rig that can be installed onto any structural wall (structural wall required) simply swing it out, lock it into place while you train and swing it back against the wall and lock into place to store it away without sacrificing any space within your studio.

    Fully functional pull up/squat rig with adjustable J-Cups, and pull-up bar (all these components are height adjustable). 

    The Wall Mounted rig lays flat on the wall, and swings outward to the right to lock into place. It then swings back to the left to lock against the wall.

    Constructed from high gauge steel tubing that has a minimum wall thickness of 5mm it means they can take a beating in any commercial premise. It is then coated in a durable, texture powder coat and the racks and rigs come with a lifetime structural warranty.

    Clearance Please note you need a minimum ceiling clearance of 2.65m for installation. It is recommended around 2.9m to 3m ceiling clearance to ensure full functionality overhead for barbell work and bar muscle ups. Allow at least 1m clearance either side for comfortable access when changing barbell plates.


    • Weight Load Capacity Rack 500 kg (total) J-Hooks 450 Kg (Pair) Pull-Up Bar 200 kg
    • 70mm x 70mm x 3 mm box steel.
    • Open - 1400 x 700 x 2450 mm
    • Closed - 1400 x 150 x 2450 mm
    • Weight: 50 kg
    • Finished in micro-textured electrostatic powder paint.
    • Grip: 33mm in diameter


    • 2x posts with numbered holes 1-20.
    • 4x Swing arms
    • 4x Wall supports
    • 2x Wall sheet
    • 2x J Cup Hooks
    • 1x Pull Up Bar
    • 6x Locking Pin Bolts

    Dyna Bolts included.